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Our High School experience looks a little different than the traditional "youth group" at many churches. Instead of having one large weekly gathering, we meet in smaller groups throughout the week. We aim to provide something the world can't offer- Christ-centered guidance and support during one of the most challenging times of a young person's life. High School students shouldn't be expected to stand up against the pressures of relationships, school, work, and sports without a mentor willing to listen.

At Suncoast, we believe the traditional large group model may weaken the connection between students and leaders. Small groups encourage trust, loyalty, and acceptance- something absent in our culture. With Christ-centered mentors leading the group, even those far from God can experience his love and compassion.

No two small groups look exactly alike as they are largely interest based. One group may go skateboarding each week, while another may go tan at the beach. Groups meet at least 3 weeks each month and include a prayer time and devotion based on the spiritual maturity of the group.To maintain a larger sense of community, all groups get together the first week of every month for our ENCORE worship service, as well as one large group activity later in the month. Group leaders are held accountable for their personal and group's spiritual growth in addition to how well they communicate with their students and parents.

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